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They thought had no milk in the chess cafe (a cafe!) which was the first panic of the day.

Its ok.

#Turnsout They did.

Games are good for meeting people when u are lonely…

Next week.

Plan D: Bridge…


What goes well with chess?

Large scale holborn sorting office based installation art.

Now we like art in odd places as much as the next blogging staffy.

But this…

(like my owner)…

Was too much.


Some words… Must i…

no fanny, no boobs, popartpopartheseemstolikepopart, touristy, graffitti, phone box, david bowie, no cock.


As youll see from our social media we sashayed to Richmond.

No better place for when its sunny.

The boy wonder had to remove a dead bird from my mouth.

That was funny.







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Harley is knackered so hes left me to write this one.

I am under strict instructions to “keep it highbrow.”

We just wanted to say that parks are free and great and Crystal Palace actually has some bits of stuff.

1) a maze we were initially dismissive of but then frustrated by. It took 30minutes. I said things like: “We havnt come for this weve come come for the dinosaurs.”

The sound of another dog added to the thrill at every corner like a minotaur (“highbrow”).

Harley said things like: “I will eat that dog. South london pansy.”

Giddy thrills.

2) yes dinosaurs which are actually pretty impressive. Dinosaurs that embrace smart phones! You can get a little audio where some actors pretend to be Darwin and co.

It was a bit fiddly. And the acting laboured.

Sorry Harley is usually funnier,




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Sometimes if you’re bored or in a bad way its good to get some fresh air.

Find like minded pooches with like minded people.

Where… if a handsome 8 year old staffy with anger management issues gets grizzly with having his bits sniffed.

No-one minds.

“How would you like it?”

See Iv got a past, mate. A history if you will.

See some folks, like, not too kind to the old staffies.

Like us to fight they do.

And we love to please so we do.

Its hard not to endlessly plug meetup.com in a london ents blog but it really is a marvel. I suppose we are plugging the internet and social media in general… not as a replacement for real life interaction with friends but as a way of finding new ones, new experiences and as a way of augmenting a life where you suddenly find something missing.




http://www.battersea.org.uk/Staffies, they're softer than you think



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