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Today it was three pounds which isn’t much really.

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What’s this? 2 shows you say?


With a mixture of excitement and urgency we climbed the stairs, stopping off for a wee on floor 2.


Then the excitement really starts.

First we explored the poetry in everyday suituations. That’s right… The photography of Shirley Baker.

Some words: black, white, matchstalk, men, matchstalk, cats, dogs, grans, grim, Manchester, hope, eyes.

Next we went to the bit called… We Want More.

I didn’t want more. It would have been too much.


Martin x


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Weve talked about this before.

How its very easy to squeeze in the photographers gallery.

Because its off oxford street.

God bless oxford street.

People who randomly stop…

…should be shot.


Trouble is…

There are too many good things there to just “squeeze in.”

Some things you need to give time to.

Focus on.


The first stuff was right up his street.

“My broken heart only wishes her well” #jacqueshenrilartigue @tpgallery

Sentimental. Black and white stuff. I cant afford to be sentimental.

When im policing the mean streets of upminster with a staffy swagger.

Iv got a reputation.

“And now it is up to you, modest photographs, to do what you can-very little, I know-to tell everything.”

Right mate. They told me…

“Lartigues egocentric personality sometimes provides him with a psychological distance from real events.”

Apparently he was…

“Belatedly recognised as a photographer or precocious talent”

Well i sympathise there. With my artistic blog.


So, yes, we nearly run out of time for…

#hometruths about motherhood.

Apparently for Leigh ledare's mother, Tina Peterson.

“It parodoxically became possible for her to overwrite the power dynamics in our family.”

Youve lost me.


But got me back with the top floor.

Ana Casas Broda.

“The desire to become pregnant, with child. The promise of something unknown, a radical, one way transformation. To be inhabited by an alien, perfect body…”

Quite beautiful.


That was long. Wonder if anyone kept focus?


Martin x



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