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So we went to a philosophy thing.

@philosophyfrall @bishopsgateinst

It was about whether dogs can be human’s friends.

Why do they do surveys and seminars when they could just ask me?


What I most liked was this polish proverb someone shared…


Friends? We’re so much more.


Martin x


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Everyone just joins in and it turns into a jolly nice discussion.
Philosophy for All Saturday seminars @Bishopsgateinst.
The topics are really great.
They do other things and the place does other things.
And it feels all wonderfully clever and londony and it makes you want to read and Google things.


Martin x


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Im not one for long fancy words.

You know that.

But its good to think.

You can do it here.

Philosophy for all. All day festival.

Talks are interesting if theres nothing on telly.

Especially if theyre free. And the people are nice.

There was a competition at one point to dress up as a zombie.

Sorry i missed it.

Accessible is the word. That's a medium sized one.





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