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Reminiscing and talking about history @waterstones cafe.


“The great challenge of looking back… Without being frozen in the process.”

Trying to reach the point where “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Conflict, time and photography @tate modern.


Martin x


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He is an ill thought out pacifist.
I… as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the mean streets of London’s Hornsey…
Know how to handle myself.
This museum is a good museum in terms of the aforementioned checklist if you ignore your lilly livered owner going: “#Oo i dont like war. I dont like it.”
On a purely museumy level it has some mightily well presented display cases.
We see an awful lot of display cases of tat on our travels.
…mentioning no names Tea ‘Museum’…
And these are dense (ha!) neat (ha!) and interesting (ha!).
Lots about the secret services which was genuinely literally genuinely fascinating and a bit about surviving in rationing etc.
Very, very nicely presented (ha!)



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