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You can get lots of good ideas @woodcraftfolk.
And very few of them are to do with wood craft.


Some of them are to do with splattering paint.
A lot of them are to do with making a mess.
All of them are to do with being creative and letting children take the lead.
Martin xx

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Heres a great organisation.

Im not sure i can describe it better than them:




Ok il have a go.

Think of the scouts without the militaristic/religious bits.

Et voila!


Anyway children can be all sorts of things but most of all they can be very funny in ways adults cant.







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Heres another boredom cure.


Its a good way of meeting people too.

Which is the best cure.

Locally we have…

Haringey Timebank


But pop in a library and peruse a notice board. Pop on the computer and explore the internet. Online noticeboard.

We describe our skills as ‘creative’ which isnt as good as being able to fix squeaky doors.

Anyway you’ll find ideas sparking off in all directions… Ours went this way…

Found Art Project UPDATE!

Tickling our surrealist funny bone.

Here are some pix…

You also find people links between activities. A lady at timebank has joined our choir.






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Its been a while.

Quit your whining we’ve been depressed.

So today was board games in Crouch End. Nothing to write home about or indeed nothing to write to the universe about. Pleasant.

We like pleasant.

Yesterday we did the highbrow low brow thing.

Its a theme if you will.

You can make up your mind which is which.

We began learning how to invigilate @thestonespace.

Its a gallery in Leytonstone. Nearly as desirable as Hornsey.

The current exhibition is called ‘Remote Cities’ by Eleanor Bedlow.

Im cutting and pasting cos im lazy…

In ‘Remote Cities’, Bedlow introduces us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities¬†that occupy her mind are formulated into models and then into drawings. For the first time, extracts from these imaginary cities will be shown as sculptures alongside her drawing.
Either through migration or growing up, the places that we remember occupying, change and leave us to become a memory.”¬†

Like they said. Hey, I’m busy actually doing stuff.

Followed it up with… wait for it…

Wait for it…

An Orient win!

I think they actually played well but we having a bit of an internal time of it but at least it wasn’t too cold.

Aaand finally… we sashayed to the Maureen Paley gallery in Bethnal Green for much chillingness…

Stick this is your blogpipe and smoke it… re: Thomas Eggerer exhibition…

In the exhibition, Eggerer continues to develop his interest in portraying groups of people in large spatial expanses. In addition, he explores a more focused study of piano virtuoso Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, shown at his piano in three new portraits.

Its true.

Thomas Eggerer was born in Munich, Germany and studied painting at the Art Academy in Munich. In the mid-1990s he collaborated with Jochen Klein on a series of projects relating to questions of identity and public space

Damn we were meant to make this blog ‘Easilly digestible with a cup of tea. And a digestive.” Elevator pitch. I can do business.

Anyway you’ve had all you can take.

In other news we’ve been falling apart and doing hospital radio.

Thankyou and goodnight.




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I have big ambitions for this blog… Really it should be entitled…

‘Harley’s Guide to Life’ but I’m not that pompous, arrogant or self centred.

‘Harley’s Guide to London’ for now.

There are so many amazing things to do in London, especially if you are a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a predeliction for the arts and volunteering.

There are also wonderful organisations doing wonderful things.

The Dogs Trust is a wonderful organisation. They never put a healthy dog down.

I volunteer as a dog walker at their smart West London kennels…

… …

I’m a dog…

Not sure this makes… Sense… …

In for a penny…

They have lots of Staffies and greyhounds etc needing lovely homes and I’m always amazed by the wonderful temperament of their dogs. They must do incredible work with them. Walked a wonderful cutie Rottweiler called Hudson…

We are breaking down breed misconceptions me and him…


Later this week I hope to review Aligheiro Boetti at Tate Modern.



Harley xx





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