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How to summarise a lost weekend of spoken word, sadness and nick clegg…


Like this

A) guildhall lates are lovely lates. Get ideas from meetup and float round antisocially on your own. Theres an amphitheatre dontcha know.

B) tv recording of 'the agenda' good, free and theres no need to be lonely with the internet. Find other lonely people to do stuff with.

Im a dog of few words.

Like Ezra Pound with worms.

Look it up.

Theres no excuse to be uncultured with the internet.






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So there was some art.

A new gallery.

The Pangolin.

It had pieces by famous people like Damien Hirst (he conceived the sharks to move) and sarah lucas.


But best is having some food and some football with your dad.

Its funny going to the premier league which is epic… The noise.

After non league which is cheap but dull.

In the middle is lovely cuddly often rubbish @leytonorientfc which has bearable toilets, singing but slightly easier prices.

Hedge your bets?

Have lots of teams.

Then if one loses…

What? They all lost??

Quadruple depression.

But i went with my dad so it was still great.


In the evening it is sometimes ok to watch the telly.

And even if your crushingly lonely if you have a clever staffy* and an i app you can play along with telly quizzes to make u feel 10% better.

Like million pound drop which is all…

Hedge ur bets.

See what i did there?





*a condition of letting me use the blog.


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We were going to go all A4 on the joys of Vince Cable…

But we rise above politics here to culture.

Yesterday we went to a recording of @bbcradio4’s  ‘Any Questions?’

‘Question Times’ more polite big brother.

We wanted to say that we’ve decided watching tv or curiously radio recording is a fine free way to spend ones evening.

BBC has loads.

Ditto ITV  http://www.itv.com/beontv/tickets/

and theres Applausestore.com.

We plant the seeds and watch you grow…




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Another mini post as I can’t be arsed, am poorly and so have been dull…

[audience reaction: aaaahhh]

Good opportunity to mention @offthepage…

I’m a very versatile performer considering I have no thumbs and a permanent smile just when I’m hot…

So It’s nice reading different scripts ‘off the page’ …tv, film, theatre.

Another plug for @meetup as its on there.

They meet in soho and Ealing once a month to share writing with gentle constructive criticism in a friendly environment.

Also a nice place to meet other actors (unfortunately most are human) and writers.


Oo also a great exhibition on in the venue from @ianandlozz with lips and imaginary friends.




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