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Il let u into a little secret…

Free drinks are available.

You have to pretend u are interested in art.

#firstthursdays… Late gallery openings… Vyner st…

Tell them i sent u.


B4 that… U kno art theory no.2 is based on boobs?

I rest my case (and weary sexless eyes) on John Currin @sadiecoles.

They say: Paradigms of ideal womanhood (milky skin, alluring smiles) run up against incongruous details such as underarm hair and overabundant flesh.”

Time Out says “The poses relate not only to the tacky and explicit nature of porn but also to the idealised depiction of the naked female form throughout art history.”

We say: “Like we said.”

Two words: boobs, fanny.





Sadie coles



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Ok the boy wonder @albiestar has been overhyping this…

Catch the high…

So we had a flick through @timeout (we’re trying to be included… shoot for the moon kids…)

So we set off to Wapping. We read something about something called The Wapping Project.

And there… nestling amoungst the depressed teenagers and shit filled cesspools… was a thing of wonder…

We went underground to discover a heavenly host of women squealing like dolphins…

Yes we didnt make something good sound shit for once!




Here’s a pic…

Here’s a link… Tho it leaves you none the wiser…

The Wapping Project

Here’s a map… you go through the restaurant… well if you dont ask you don’t get…

If you potter around our various social media dominions you’ll find audio and naughty video…

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