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Picture the scene: children on deckchairs in the city of london, chomping on sushi, gawping at adults pretending to be woodland creatures, playing banjos and accordions.

All for free.

Wind in The Willows #summerlive @broadgatelondon.

Some words: poop poop.

At its best when panto interactive.

“A right rollicking good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon in London.”

They can have that quote for a poster.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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I think it’s doing a thing about class divides and a controlling state…

No not Britain since the election silly!



I did a political gag.


Wonderland? The one what Alice went to.

Mummy and Daddy and Paul and Sarah all played the role of the lowlifes but some of their number got to eat tarts.

Swings and roundabouts.


What was it like?

I’m going to use the word sumptuous to describe the sets.

And now I’m going to use some other words: worm, rabbit, hatter, eat me, drink me, walrus, carpenter, can’t take photos, queen of hearts.

You didn’t really have to listen to what they were actually saying except when they said “what is life if not a dream?” which is, like, true.

Oh I haven’t actually said it was interactive theatre.

Oh well. 

Having pizza now.




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“The main actor.”

The first thing to be said is the audience were rowdy.

Blackta @youngvictheatre.

Well there was a lot going on.

At one point someone took there shirt off and it was like a pantomime.

I definitely detected sexual hollering.

Ok not like a panto.


A good double header is Tate Modern Late Fridays and The Young Vic.

See they’re close.

Maybe some kind of beverage/meal if you have someone else to consider.

Or you can meetup through the almighty meetup.


We are sitting on the tube tapping thinking whether it was good.

It was good.

It was gritty and urban like yours truely.

I think daddy was a bit bewildered.

There was big themes and shit and swearing and shit.




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Women rolling around in cricket jumpers is the sexiest thing in the world

Who'd have thought?

When we were little we went to the ballet.

We recall once or twice there was boobs.

There wasnt here but it was v hot.

Matthew Bourne 'Play Without Words.'

We've not really dealt with dance here. We will do again.

You can go to the theatre with people via meetup or via just having friends.

We find we always impress people if we say something is 'hypnotic.'

Someone said we should review…

Little do you know pet, little do you know.

5 colin stars he says.




Play without words


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Im going to let @albiestar do this review, its more his cup of tea, but if he does a cock pun let me know…

Or if he uses the phrase “brutally honest” i will also need to restrain him…

On a lead.




Brutally honest is the phrase that springs to mind when reviewing ‘Wasted’ at the Camden Roundhouse.

It was theatre, it was rap, it was poetry it was multimedia it was on the button in a crushingly hilariously depressing way.

Some seriously massive laugh lines definately there…

“adjectives instead of names”

“swallowed a planetarium”

And “smells of custard creams” gave me some biggesteverlaughs which was helpful in a play that was too honest for words.

We like to bang on here about “short is good” too.

Concisely, economically, pointedly powerfull… Unlike that sentence.

As @thedogwhatblogs would say: Some words: drunk, teacher, life, hilltop, lights, brazen, hilarious, freedom, responsibilities, dreams, being crap, relationships oh and…

“breathtakingly honest”

Bung that on a poster.


Dont call us colin, dont call us…




Ps we really really really liked how they came on at acted surprised to see the audience. Sweet.


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Last night Colin and I watched Alan Ayckbourn’s latest ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ at the very cool Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn.

It was very good.

It had him from Game On in. Playing another Martin. He was v martinny.

Great characters, great acting, on the topical button script… ¬†slightly muddied by an overly absurdist ending (ten foot bronze knomes anyone?).

I give it 4 Harley stars. You’ll laugh a lot and mutter ‘scarilly realistic’ maybe twice so that makes a good evening in anyones books.


Harley xx



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Extra! Extra! Hot off the virtual press… Harley, the dog what blogs, review of ‘Singing in the Rain’ at the Palace Theatre in London’s glittering west end…
“The did the rain fab, they did the singing fab, the did the dancing fab, they did the acting fab.”
Not my words, dear reader, but those of slightly over-enthusiastic opposable thumbs monkey @albiestar.
Apparently he wants to tap dance…
God help us…
Like when he wanted to sing.
Anyway, he’s right, they’re all fabulous.
Now where are my ear muffs…….
Harley xx

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Another mini post as I can’t be arsed, am poorly and so have been dull…

[audience reaction: aaaahhh]

Good opportunity to mention @offthepage…

I’m a very versatile performer considering I have no thumbs and a permanent smile just when I’m hot…

So It’s nice reading different scripts ‘off the page’ …tv, film, theatre.

Another plug for @meetup as its on there.

They meet in soho and Ealing once a month to share writing with gentle constructive criticism in a friendly environment.

Also a nice place to meet other actors (unfortunately most are human) and writers.


Oo also a great exhibition on in the venue from @ianandlozz with lips and imaginary friends.




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Me and the boy @albiestar woke up and we felt a bit shitty lets be honest.

Hey its a blog post to the general public. Its an inappropriate forum.

But what cheers a person up more than watching some shite lower league football in the rain?


What about losing to Colchester?


Watching it with a friend. It helps.

Lets proceed to the Theatre.

I watched an intensely powerful play called ‘Miss Julie.’ About a charming yet overbearing interlectual husband and a sexy little wife.

Again, i watched it with nice people. It helps.

@meetup wonderfullness again.

You know, some truely beautiful acting moments happen all over London town all the time. And so many don’t get trumpeted.

So well done on this little blog @factiontheatre. You did great stuff @newdiorama.









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We’ve been up to all sorts. Me and the boy.

Happy, sad, highbrow, lowbrow, geeky, cool. We’ve met some nice people and some not very nice people.

Shall we write a blog post? Yes! I hear you cry…



First we had a guided tour of the theatre and performance galleries @v_and_a.

Now there is nothing we like more here @thedogwhatblogs that an informatively, wry tour guide.


There was one. Expressive hand gestures are also a plus.


We then trotted over to International Art Fair to top up on pretentiousness.

There were wooden dogs that cost 10o0s of pounds.

And to think I give myself away for free…

We want to recommend @meetup.

The first meetup we went to was one for @twespians.

I don’t know if you’re aware but my owner @albiestar chairs (sometimes) an amdram group who are very net savvy already, @woodhouseplays.

We learnt not a great deal but I suppose its called networking.

Though in this fair isle we should have decamped to the pub for this.

Which we did for the second meetup.

‘Debating Interesting World Issues’ tho this was conversely tricky in a noisy pub.

Im a spent force for now,

More later,



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