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When is a museum not a museum?

When its a cabinet.

Twinings Tea Museum is an unholy exaggeration.

We thought… We like tea… We like museums…

Shame on you.


The Royal Institute is good if you follow some crazy americans round.

Its passable.

Dont make a special trip.

If combining with the tea museum combine with something else as well…

U just aint sweet enough already.





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Well you know full well dont pretend otherwise that we love tea here at thedogwhatblogs.com towers and you are also aware that we love stories.

What better then than an evening of tea and stories? I hear you cry…

Well an evening of free tea and stories but you cant have everything.

A cavalcade of tales ranging from special needs animals to funerals to royal merkins accompanied by a cavalcade of teas ranging from an amazing darjeeling to a satisfying assam to a delightful russian caravan.

5 stars. Ten out out of ten. Have one of Mr Heininks special stickers…

Where are the links Harley?

Theyre here… After the picture… Dont rush me…


Harley xx



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