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Doggy let me do this too…


Tate modern blackouts, little sun, olafur eliasson, poetry and dream.

Solar powered surrealism.*

I liked it best cos you could chat people up asking for their light.

Almost like smoking cool but without the cancer.

Other people seemed “oo its dark” happy but I dont think other people were enjoying it q as much as me.

I was getting in a pickle trying to take shadow pix.

But loving it.

Theyre on the wondrous instagram which has been a life saver.

Now @thedogwhatblogs holds the purse strings…

Notionally free but u had to buy the little lamp for the equivalent of three trips to Haringey Borough FC.

But it beats taking pix of old men.




I wanted her on the left slightly…

*he asked me to provide more detail. Its like a torch round ur neck right and they turned the lights off in the gallery. Jeesh.


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We went to a frank bowling exhibition b4? Do u remember? Twas in Shoreditch.

We were amusing if nonplussed.

You can relive those dizzy highs here…


First time we are self referencial.

The dog what blogs gold.

We’re joining the splodges.

We quite enjoyed it this time @tate.

Mainly cos it was quiet.


Revisit migrations: some words: im trying to remember if their were boobs…

Revisit another london: some words: im trying to remember if there was cock…



Here is the new best film ever.

Searching for Sugerman.

We like films about music, photos about music or tv about art.

Joining the splodges,

This was a fairy story that had it all.

And it was only 82 minutes.






Maybe mate but you look fat…

“Its the way im standing” he says…




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Art again.

This time off to our personal little calm nirvana. Nothing shattered here.

Bank holiday blues busting @

Tate Britain.

As well as the cafe and shop we wanted to see….

Patrick Keiller thing.

It took a while for us to realise what its all about.

Its about his almost random meanderings around England, the films he took and artists responses to them.

Ok well we like #randommeanderings here @thedogwhatblogs.

The whole thing was very interest tickling anyway. The range of artists gave us plenty of things to wikipedia and blog (http://goetherocks.blogspot.com… Turning into a book dontcha know…)

And the diversity of it all made our eyes very happy.

Which is good.

And its free.

Which is good.


The boy wonder @albiestar had an expresso. Cos he’s not wired enough…

Quality eavesdropping in the members room too.

Tate members are our favourite group of people for this.

Audioboo overload.


When in Rome…

We toddled round the Picasso again. 15 minutes: we had it licked.

What struck us this time… (are u ready for art insight…) is the strength of the link between Henry Moore and Picasso.

We like blobs @thedogwhatblogs.

And u thought Staffordshire Bull Terriers were mean and unsophisticated…




PS this jubilee lark eh? Im a cavalier whilst albiestar is a roundhead… But we both think it is “Literally the biggest load of hyperbole in the world… Ever!!” TM


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Il be brutally honest with you Colin really spoiled the Picasso @tate.

There I was appreciating the sheer breath of Pablo’s influence of uk artists and all he wanted to do was have have a cup of tea in the cafe and buy silly badges and rubbers from the shop.

Nevertheless it was the sheer variety of styles in Picasso’s canon that over whelmed this particular staffy.

Yes i could walk through paint and achieve some of the more avant garde offerings but we geniuses need to stick together.

I give it 4 Harley stars. In summary: plenty of abstract boobs but no dogs.


Thursday evenings is hospital radio. I have a lovely calming manner but am too cute for radio.



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