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Sometimes a blog or a day starts out as one thing but turns into another.

So naturally there was a meetup. Knitting. Noone home.

So clearly then there was a cafe and some irritatedness.

So then there was a museum (Cuming… Not, disappointingly about the scottish sometime gay star of 90s BBC xmas flick and Heinink staple 'Bernard and the Genie.')

Worth a look. Old shit. Dickens. Hes everywhere. Like Trinidad and Korea. Free.

But dont go to south london on purpose.

So then there was a gallery. Peter Blake at the Fine Art Society. Good to have a curator for art or life. He knows his onions. Nice to have fine art and modern art together. Great. Free.

He's a bit everywhere too. He's 80 or something.

Yes, there were boobs.

So then an evening activity. Or the first one.

We wanted to go on about 'Laughter Yoga' again.

About the importance of play and how the Southbank looks like a grownups playground with wheels, fairs, arts, bright colours and…talking wooden boxes.

But then we saw a film. 'The Imposter.'

Which twisted and turned all over the place.

Like a day. Like a relationship.

It was short too. We like short.



Theres someone sodcasting #onthistrain. Sub human scum.


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Ok kids… Speed friending.

2 pounds.

We were fascinated by the phrase.

In some ways its better than the concept of speed dating and in some ways not.

(Not that we’ve ever been speed dating… We were loved).

So the good things are… U move round… Ala speed dating… And its groups of 4ish so less pressured.

However we met a fair variety of interesting people and the kinda question we had was… Well what happens next… It should have taken a record of who u liked basically.

The event was part of a social group from meetup so essentially i suppose ur meant to go to another (paid) event.

I think it could work well as a discrete thing but unfortunately even in the vast ocean of meetup meetups this is the only one.

Half a mind to start one.

3 Colin Stars,




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