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To digress for a moment.


While 80000 eyes are watching you.


Every Thursday I would pray for rain.

And when it didn’t.

I would do nothing for two hours.

It was an education.



17 years later.

The lights. The sound. The fireworks.

I sang. 


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We were going to go all A4 on the joys of Vince Cable…

But we rise above politics here to culture.

Yesterday we went to a recording of @bbcradio4’s  ‘Any Questions?’

‘Question Times’ more polite big brother.

We wanted to say that we’ve decided watching tv or curiously radio recording is a fine free way to spend ones evening.

BBC has loads.

Ditto ITV  http://www.itv.com/beontv/tickets/

and theres Applausestore.com.

We plant the seeds and watch you grow…




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