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Mark Rothko eh?

One picture was just black.

No, just black.

One picture was just white.

No, just white.

One picture was just grey.

No, just grey.

And there were various combinations of the three.

Here is the sentence where i pretend i know something…

Ok… if the thing is sparseness, infinity, the emotions arouse, the depiction of nothing…

Surely the ones where theres a bit of something… texture… shading are cheating.

You know what we love Rothko but really the ones where theres more colour. We like simple combinations of colour.

Now these ones.

And there was about 12.

Were not that.

We liked the feeling of infinite emptiness. …Doesn’t everyone?

But it doesn’t take v long to digest.

10 minutes.

Some words: black, white, grey.




PS i don’t think they wanted you to take pictures of the nothing…………………….

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