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We were going to go all A4 on the joys of Vince Cable…

But we rise above politics here to culture.

Yesterday we went to a recording of @bbcradio4’s  ‘Any Questions?’

‘Question Times’ more polite big brother.

We wanted to say that we’ve decided watching tv or curiously radio recording is a fine free way to spend ones evening.

BBC has loads.

Ditto ITV  http://www.itv.com/beontv/tickets/

and theres Applausestore.com.

We plant the seeds and watch you grow…




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Il be brutally honest with you Colin really spoiled the Picasso @tate.

There I was appreciating the sheer breath of Pablo’s influence of uk artists and all he wanted to do was have have a cup of tea in the cafe and buy silly badges and rubbers from the shop.

Nevertheless it was the sheer variety of styles in Picasso’s canon that over whelmed this particular staffy.

Yes i could walk through paint and achieve some of the more avant garde offerings but we geniuses need to stick together.

I give it 4 Harley stars. In summary: plenty of abstract boobs but no dogs.


Thursday evenings is hospital radio. I have a lovely calming manner but am too cute for radio.



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