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The capitals art scene quakes as this cultural Staffordshire Bull Terrier limbers up to deliver his verdict on #worldgoespop @tate.

Careers, reputations, assumptions and dreams could be shattered in a moment.


They say: “The World Goes Pop expands the notion of pop art into a far wider geographical context.”

We say: “When a stuffed female with a tv in her stomach tells you that it really is “the last time” you know you’re in proper trouble…”


Some words: fly swatter, lips, nailed, Vietnam, sauce, Romania, liberation, the American Dream, balls, violence, folky stuff, neon, mirrors and a broken heart.


Love Delia Cancela’s ‘Broken Heart.’
A passing mother: “Like a jigsaw.”
A passing child: “Put it together.”


5 Colin Stars


Martin xx 


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Thank god for the Saatchi Gallery.
It decided to be open.
So I can get my culture.
It is pop art.
Is is from East and West.
It is good.
Some words: bunnies, Lenin, rudeness, toilets, Jesus, Mc Donald’s, shapes, Islam.
The holidays are over now.


Martin x


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They thought had no milk in the chess cafe (a cafe!) which was the first panic of the day.

Its ok.

#Turnsout They did.

Games are good for meeting people when u are lonely…

Next week.

Plan D: Bridge…


What goes well with chess?

Large scale holborn sorting office based installation art.

Now we like art in odd places as much as the next blogging staffy.

But this…

(like my owner)…

Was too much.


Some words… Must i…

no fanny, no boobs, popartpopartheseemstolikepopart, touristy, graffitti, phone box, david bowie, no cock.


As youll see from our social media we sashayed to Richmond.

No better place for when its sunny.

The boy wonder had to remove a dead bird from my mouth.

That was funny.







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