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It was quite a lot to take in.

#bigbangdata @somersethouse.

90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone


It was quite a lot to tweet.

It was quite a lot to Instagram.

It was quite a lot to Audioboom.

“I tried to capture my laughs which was really hard and got in the
way of enjoying life.” Giorgia Lupu and Stephanie Posavec.

At that point we gave up.


Perhaps the most interesting bit was former National Surveillance Agency employee William Binney and his concerns about our apathy towards government surveillance.

“We haven’t had anything to say so far.”

As programmes he’d designed to report on enemy foreign states were

“Turned inward.”

Best exhibition of the year,

5 Colin Stars,


Martin x

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Here goes.
We kicked off with Lenin.
There was a funny story of a policeman in a cupboard.
Then there was Cromwell.
Messy business.
Exhumed corpses.
Then there was someone i wasn’t really listening too cos i was playing on my phone.
Then there was John Wilkes who seemed a nice chap.
Womaniser with a big chin.
Love a funny guide.
She’s on the old audioboo.


Then we got a bit distracted because there was a museum about the St John’s ambulance.

IMG 3116


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You know the other post we were making ill informed liberal left rants about oppressive police states?

Here’s another example.

Though I think we’ll let them off.

They are the Bank of England.

They have a free museum.

It is OK.

You get to lift a gold bar and pull your tongue out in gentle rebellion at the CCTV.

The old banknotes and shit are decent #eyecandy.

There are some videos that try to explain such things as inflation to stupid Politics graduates like the boy wonder.

All in all a respectable 2 and half out of 5.

Dont take the kids.


Heres another case of joining the splodges…

You know the other post we were making ill informed philistine rants at black and white photography @tate?

Well we saw another parade of black and whites today at the Timothy Taylor gallery in Mayfair (hoooowww Iiii beloooonged).

These were of, for want of a better word, freaks.

They were freaks.

Hey Im a Staffy I dont do PC. This is an edgy blog. Political balance.

There was many nudists.

Some words: cock, boobs, fanny.

And cross dressers.

It was very interesting.

More interesting than #anotherlondon anyway.

This was #anotherworld.

Although he’s been known to flirt with the fringes.




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I really should say about this.

Art can be people running around the turbine hall.

Or art can be in a little corner of south london with a simple powerful message.



On the wall is written the countries where homosexuality is a crime and the sentence it carries.


As do the post its.

im not v good on what the sculptures suggest but theyre cool.

Heres ur link….



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The Photographer’s Gallery has reopened.

We went.

We like that its down a little alley off Oxford Street.

I like the smell of galleries. Boxfresh.

We like free.

They have an exhibition called oil.

By a man called Edward Burtynsky.

Behold a series of nice big pix about not nice oil and its life cycle.

Some words: striking, black, repetition (we like repetition), Azerbaijan, tires, cans, aeroplanes, no cock, no fanny, death, carcasses, awe, pipes, lines, disaster, ohhhh america, scale, vast, devastating horror, pollution, scum.

Eat your heart out time out.

What we liked more than all those words though was another exhibition from a collective called Raq’s Media Collective.

Indian folk.

a) a photo that faded in and out with a moving element. Fun for 5 minutes.

b) We LOVVVVVVED this… ’37 Planes of Emotion.’

Cue @thedogwhatblogs #underselling/#youhavetobethere…

Rectangles of perspex with coloured edges and collection nouns.

“A whimsical comment on the image.”

I guess you’ll have to go…




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