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Sometimes if you’re bored or in a bad way its good to get some fresh air.

Find like minded pooches with like minded people.

Where… if a handsome 8 year old staffy with anger management issues gets grizzly with having his bits sniffed.

No-one minds.

“How would you like it?”

See Iv got a past, mate. A history if you will.

See some folks, like, not too kind to the old staffies.

Like us to fight they do.

And we love to please so we do.

Its hard not to endlessly plug meetup.com in a london ents blog but it really is a marvel. I suppose we are plugging the internet and social media in general… not as a replacement for real life interaction with friends but as a way of finding new ones, new experiences and as a way of augmenting a life where you suddenly find something missing.




http://www.battersea.org.uk/Staffies, they're softer than you think



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I have big ambitions for this blog… Really it should be entitled…

‘Harley’s Guide to Life’ but I’m not that pompous, arrogant or self centred.

‘Harley’s Guide to London’ for now.

There are so many amazing things to do in London, especially if you are a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a predeliction for the arts and volunteering.

There are also wonderful organisations doing wonderful things.

The Dogs Trust is a wonderful organisation. They never put a healthy dog down.

I volunteer as a dog walker at their smart West London kennels…

… …

I’m a dog…

Not sure this makes… Sense… …

In for a penny…

They have lots of Staffies and greyhounds etc needing lovely homes and I’m always amazed by the wonderful temperament of their dogs. They must do incredible work with them. Walked a wonderful cutie Rottweiler called Hudson…

We are breaking down breed misconceptions me and him…


Later this week I hope to review Aligheiro Boetti at Tate Modern.



Harley xx





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