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London 2012 is so passe. The cool kids are already thinking about Rio 2016.

Theyve gone and done an exhibition.

Theyve gone and done it at somerset house.

And theyve gone and done it v well.

Some fab art and shit.

No boobs but where there were boobs and much more besides was in the unlikely setting of the National Gallery. Metamorphosis.

And not just the creamy goddess boobs of the Titian masterpieces…

Oh no, son.

There is caged woman.

Inspired by the creamy boobed goddesses.

Shes in a box and u get to peep.

Or stare (see @albiestar).

I eventually dragged him (hey… Hes had a rough time…) to see the pretty colours of Chris Ofili's trinidadian tributes.

Hey… Aliteration.

Hey… Trinidad is everywhere.

Theyve gone and done it in Kilburn. Tricycle Theatre.

Some fab spoken word and shit. “Attitudinal Metamorphosis” #apparently.

Its all free.

We like free.

It was not short.

But we hotfooted it halfway to squeeze in 'offender' at cineworld wood green.

The film, not the lifestyle choice.

'Visceral' would be a good word.

Lets have visceral then.

5 Colin Stars.








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We are playing host to worlds greatest sporting event.

I am not amused.

'Stick' has failed to be included.


Its always a cultural olympiad @thedogwhatblogs.

Here is a new place for us.

The Camden Arts Centre.

It is not in Camden.

But it is an arts centre.

Very well done. Very well done Camden Arts Centre on ur v cool surreal Bruce Lacey exhibition.

Thats from the heart.

Some words: flying dolls, no cock, sausage machine, no fanny, robots, no boobs, the occult, ….a cuddly toy! (yey!)…

There was also a reading room.

Weve theorised on them before.

Some bean bags.

And some funny films.

Now the boy wonder @albiestar wants to go back because u can record your boring stories for something called 'it ok to be boring.'

It isnt.

I combine brevity with insight and wit.


You dont need to thank me.





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Soane Museum.

We went there.

We didnt really like it.

It was like they didnt want u to be there.

Its the most astonishing building with some reasonable dusty things inside.

Thats a balanced review cos theres a good sentence and a bad sentence.

We also saw some olympic medals in the british museum.

Fun for one second.

Mildly diverted by old clocks.

History needs to be brought alive.






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