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Theres a league.

Like other things with leagues we are passable.

Thing is.

If you do a lot of things.

You wont be as good as people that do just that thing.

Some words: muppets, berlin wall, pink floyd, margaret thatcher, missouri, norwich city fc, rolling stones, hans holbein and sporrans.

Anyway v friendly and open was the quiz league of london.

Its also cheap. Drinks only cost.

We like.

And its not a late evening.

We like.




About 7 out of 20 is what we got?

Okay, okay! 6.

But we knew a few of other peoples which gets u pts.



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I squeezed in a couple of galleries before the muppets. Im a busy terrier… barely a chance to ‘paws’ for breath. Blame colin for that one. He says people like puns and i need to broaden my appeal in the new blog…

So i went to see some highly pretentious offerings to spite him.

First off some stuff on memories from a couple of swedish birds at Parasol in Old St.

Wistful id say.

Then i shooted mg chuff over to White Cube for some brightly coloured children.

Very nicely coloured in. They didntĀ go over the edge or nuffink.


Harley xx



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