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So there was some art.

A new gallery.

The Pangolin.

It had pieces by famous people like Damien Hirst (he conceived the sharks to move) and sarah lucas.


But best is having some food and some football with your dad.

Its funny going to the premier league which is epic… The noise.

After non league which is cheap but dull.

In the middle is lovely cuddly often rubbish @leytonorientfc which has bearable toilets, singing but slightly easier prices.

Hedge your bets?

Have lots of teams.

Then if one loses…

What? They all lost??

Quadruple depression.

But i went with my dad so it was still great.


In the evening it is sometimes ok to watch the telly.

And even if your crushingly lonely if you have a clever staffy* and an i app you can play along with telly quizzes to make u feel 10% better.

Like million pound drop which is all…

Hedge ur bets.

See what i did there?





*a condition of letting me use the blog.


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Are you middle class?
Without the resources to support it?
Are you stressed to buggery with this?

And #theestranged

Every two months ride a horse.
The most expensive hobby in the universe.
Worth it.
Bloody good exercise too if one has been satisfying ones loneliness, if not ones vegetarianism, with cake and kebabs.



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I leave the low brow to the boy wonder… Harleyxx


In the league of entertainments.

I suppose thats pretty good.

£5 for two hours of mildly diverting relaxation and occasional passion.

Non-league football. Haringey Borough.

Well what does one do on ones saturday afternoons when ones team are away?

Divide your loyalties.

Cheaper than cinema and theatre.

More expensive than art and telly.

But you do feel homely and local and good.

Im trying to get my head round what league of football they’re in.

They were playing for a vase so it can’t be good can it?





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Being there.

This is the joy of art over tv… radio…

Film at the cinema sits in the middle.

Especially @cineworld wood green…

Its interactive… with calling out…

And multi sensory…

With coke showers.

So whether the installation its Hirstian butterflies in the Tate Modern.

Or curiously phallic/orificy stone sculptures http://www.artfirst.co.uk/  (hey we’re sooo over exposed to arty cocks and fannies thats we’re stained with the freudian) …you get to drift around and say you went.

Sometimes you can drift around v quickly.

We eat up gallery clusters.

Today at eastcastle street (ox circus).

Nice COLOUR photos (and the obligatory moody monochrome)…


It was the young people wot done em.


We also read the surrealists drifted around looking for found objects…

This does not mean… @albiestar… drifting around looking for cash points and finding eighties camp comedians in the buff…

Over exposed indeed…






best/cheapest life drawing we’ve found. nice teacher.

we like cheap… we like nice.

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London 2012 is so passe. The cool kids are already thinking about Rio 2016.

Theyve gone and done an exhibition.

Theyve gone and done it at somerset house.

And theyve gone and done it v well.

Some fab art and shit.

No boobs but where there were boobs and much more besides was in the unlikely setting of the National Gallery. Metamorphosis.

And not just the creamy goddess boobs of the Titian masterpieces…

Oh no, son.

There is caged woman.

Inspired by the creamy boobed goddesses.

Shes in a box and u get to peep.

Or stare (see @albiestar).

I eventually dragged him (hey… Hes had a rough time…) to see the pretty colours of Chris Ofili's trinidadian tributes.

Hey… Aliteration.

Hey… Trinidad is everywhere.

Theyve gone and done it in Kilburn. Tricycle Theatre.

Some fab spoken word and shit. “Attitudinal Metamorphosis” #apparently.

Its all free.

We like free.

It was not short.

But we hotfooted it halfway to squeeze in 'offender' at cineworld wood green.

The film, not the lifestyle choice.

'Visceral' would be a good word.

Lets have visceral then.

5 Colin Stars.








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Women rolling around in cricket jumpers is the sexiest thing in the world

Who'd have thought?

When we were little we went to the ballet.

We recall once or twice there was boobs.

There wasnt here but it was v hot.

Matthew Bourne 'Play Without Words.'

We've not really dealt with dance here. We will do again.

You can go to the theatre with people via meetup or via just having friends.

We find we always impress people if we say something is 'hypnotic.'

Someone said we should review…

Little do you know pet, little do you know.

5 colin stars he says.




Play without words


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Il tell u one thing about the egyptians.

They bloody love a pot.

Somethings are wondrous for their existence if not their content.

I mean, i love a pot as much as the next staff, but there were


At the Petrie Museum (UCL).

We quite like just saying the name.

Free and friendly and fascinating despite a recurrent theme.

Combine it with the nearby Wellcome Collection for a Reasonable Afternoon.

Thats your lot children.

We're doing a lovely park for me tommorrow with art for im.

Cant tell u where but im not allowed in the gardens tho the exhibition told daddy on twitter theyd look after me (isnt that nice) while he pretends he knows more than he does.

Hes a fraud,






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Do you like brains in jars?

Lets face it who doesnt?

Do you models of laughing phoetuses?

Lets face it who doesnt?

Then you're going to love this place?





Grant museum


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I would like…

If i may…

To give u a history lesson…

3D is an interesting thing. A tech thats come in fits and starts over the decades.

You can read about it here.

I think its post-2003 revival (oh yes) really works best in IMAX.

Now it is partly because his lordship is a speccy 6 eyes that he finds it a bit uncomfy.

And because he's a natural rebel… He took them off for quite a bit.

See spidey was cool anyway. It added something. But not much.

Its a good film.

Its all there.

Hot yoofs snogging and saving the world.

Be still my beating heart,




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Theres a league.

Like other things with leagues we are passable.

Thing is.

If you do a lot of things.

You wont be as good as people that do just that thing.

Some words: muppets, berlin wall, pink floyd, margaret thatcher, missouri, norwich city fc, rolling stones, hans holbein and sporrans.

Anyway v friendly and open was the quiz league of london.

Its also cheap. Drinks only cost.

We like.

And its not a late evening.

We like.




About 7 out of 20 is what we got?

Okay, okay! 6.

But we knew a few of other peoples which gets u pts.



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