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You can make up stories for them, put yourself in their shoes, empathise, understand, appreciate the joy of photography in the capturing the spectrum of human emotion.

Plus it’s only three pounds,

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait stuff @npggallery


Martin x


PS you can always go in St Martins In The Fields and they have free rehearsals and things for concerts if you’re lucky. Especially if you’re a jammy teacher with abundant holidays.

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Overhyping is a very real danger.

“Oo.” He exclaimed. “Theres an exhibition reimagining churchill at the national portrait gallery.”

It was one picture.

A good picture.

But not worth a whole poster.


From Churchill to Church.

Frederic Church.

We went here before when it wasnt on.

You may or may not recall.


Here is an opinion:

“What lovely landscapes!”

Honestly though it may be one room but thats not overhyping.

Its an understatement.

And its free.

“What artistry in the brushstrokes!”

Shut up Colin.


Harley xx



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I guess we should do a blog as we did something.

We went to man ray at the national portrait gallery.

It was 12 pounds and of moderate size and full of black and white portrait photos of 20th century oddballs.

Now we like this…


Harley xx


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