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 Victoria and Albert Museum. Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

Some words:

Red shoes, pointy shoes, furry shoes, glass shoes, lovebird shoes, anemone shoes, surreal shoes, gold shoes, pompon shoes, beaded shoes, pink shoes, transparent shoes, royal shoes, golf shoes, fairy tale shoes, french shoes, space shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes, rainbow shoes, platform shoes, silver shoes, silver platform shoes, wedding shoes, kick ass shoes, bubble shoes, tiny shoes, cad shoes, brazen shoes.

And, I nearly missed them, secreted behind a velvet curtain, a certain type of shoe.

All pleasure.


Colin, sorry, Martin x


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This is a family friendly blog so various words will need to be redacted in my review of an exhibition at the Welcome Collection.

At one point a man encourages you to get into a metal box to get your orgones going whatever that means….


Some words: *******, *******, Kate Bush, *********, strain guages, *******, an alsatian, groans, moans, wails, cries, ***********, the nazis, wind chimes, ***************, ************, urinal spray, Margaret Thatcher and ***.


Martin x


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“What shall we do?”

Well Dublin is a city of literature and culture…

James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats and Patrick Pearse.

Steeped in history…

Massacres… Plagues… Rebellions…
Emancipations… Battles…

“The Guinness Museum?”


You get to queue then you get to go inside. Then you get to queue. Then you get to watch videos. Then you get to queue. THEN YOU GET TO TASTE. Then you get to queue. THEN YOU GET A PINT.

And a wonderful view of a wonderful city doused in culture and history.


Martin x


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There is culture outside London.


Museum and Gallery in the pump house.

It’s okay, it’ll only take you 15 minutes tops then you can shop. Eat.



Martin x


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A little app, a lot of london.


Today Instagram reminded me of the Horniman Museum.

It was doing a fetey thing where there were all the feathers and fancy of carnival.

But 1st I had to go to the beautiful aquarium which I love.

It’s only small but it has…

Some words…

Starfish, poisonous frogs, butterflies (I know… Cheating), four eyed fish, seahorses, jellyfish, crabs and anemones.



Martin x


That’s my friend Smila

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Hypothesis: noone likes sprouts and everyone likes coke. Discuss.


Pile it on. Pile on the schmultz. Come on pile it on.

Actually a seriously quality museum affordably priced.

They can have that quote. In return for free coke.

@worldofcoke #atlanta #georgia.

You see its like a tennerish and theres a good three hours interesting stuff.

Then you can be tired and feel like youve done something and go to a more scary than expected mc donalds.

4D cinemas are cool. The fourth d is a gentle spray and a wobbly seat.

Whats q incredible is a big room where u get to try 50 odd coke products from around the world.

Glory be.

So thats ten pounds, free coke, redefining the dimensional laws of physics and a feeling of 'cool.'


Now wheres my coke, Coke?

Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly


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“She speaks!

O, speak again, bright angel! for thou art

As glorious to this night, being o'er my head

As is a winged messenger of heaven

Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes

Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him

When he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds

And sails upon the bosom of the air.”


Yeah, right mate. Whatever.

15 pounds is a reasonable sum of money but u can go to two shakespeare-based old houses in Stratford Upon Avon and be accosted by some performing ladies.




Martin x



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Just thought id tell you about a great exhibition at the Museum of Childhood.
It’s called Red Balloon 87.
It’s an orphan boy with a red balloon in Ukraine in a series of photos of derelict places.
It’s free and…
Its, like, emotional.


Martin x

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Don’t be worrying because tomorrow it will already be Tuesday.


Sometimes its nice to stop blogging and doing stuff for blogging and have a beer.


Hmmm. Maybe.

Have you got four pounds?

If you have…

Sometimes its nice to sit and watch butterflies. Then have a beer.

You can say about it when having your beer.

When your there you can say things like “oo its on my arm” or “oo its on my head.”

What better way to spend half an hour?

Well, ok, but butterflies are cool.


Harley xx

Yey flutterbys

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This is quite a good museum.
You’ll remember daddy read Pam Ayres love poetry here to no avail.
William Morris Museum.
It is free.
It is floral.
It is fabricy.
But theres quite a lot to see and cool interactive maps and things for children/colins with short attention spans.
Obviously if your not in the finery of North East London this will be of precisely no interest to you.
Just enjoy the sheer beauty of my prose.


Harley xx

Image 13-04-2013 at 22.36

PS Oh I forgot why we went… i was distracted by pretty fabrics and making poor jokes. David Bailey exhibition. The sixties came alive again or something. Yes, very good.

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