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I would like…

If i may…

To give u a history lesson…

3D is an interesting thing. A tech thats come in fits and starts over the decades.

You can read about it here.

I think its post-2003 revival (oh yes) really works best in IMAX.

Now it is partly because his lordship is a speccy 6 eyes that he finds it a bit uncomfy.

And because he's a natural rebel… He took them off for quite a bit.

See spidey was cool anyway. It added something. But not much.

Its a good film.

Its all there.

Hot yoofs snogging and saving the world.

Be still my beating heart,




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Its time to light the lights

Heart warming. Life affirming.

Those words could describe your humble narrator, its true, but they could also describe the new Muppet movie.

Seriously… whats not to like?

If I had one criticism it was that Rowlf didn’t feature more heavilly… but thats a minor gripe.

Just go really.

No irony.

No jokes.

Just go.



PS I can’t stop working on multiple levels im that intense.. When I say no irony and jokes I mean in this post… oodles in the film… and songs…

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