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“The father, though not materially wealthy, regards the members of his family as his greatest possessions.”


The enormous contribution made by immigrants to art in the UK is explored beautifully in this retrospective of the Ben Uri Gallery.

It goes to show.

The pictures on display are all different but all full of feeling.

If you take a look at the strokes of the brush in the oil works…

You see the extraordinary.

“From Eastern Europe to the East End and back again I am very much a product of this country.” Alfred Wolmark.


Martin xx

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I really, really liked Barbara Hepworth @tate.

It was nearly as good as Agnes Martin @tate modern.

But this wasn’t nothingness. This was… thingness.


Some words: balls, string, paint, tension, very busy, surgery, women, animals, marble, bronze, wood, walking all the way round things, inside, outside, love.


It starts of with a room with lots of different sculptures by different people.

I liked the onyx toad the best.

Then there is a room that is all drawings and paintings of her.

Then it’s things actually by her.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx 



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Agnes Martin @tate


Some words:

I love the whole world

Happy holidays

Mid winter 

One that looks like a face





The Heavenly Race

The Garden

Burning Tree




Untitled #1


Untitled #14

Untitled #12

Untitled #5



Oo a rhombus

But of purple

One that looks like an alien

“Titles such as Summer or The Peach might be seen to allude to the beauty of nature.”

Homage to life


Martin xx


Shel Silverstein, ‘The Missing Piece.’

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I was just thinking to myself: “History painting has a reputation as a conservative art form.”

Then I’m told: “History painting has an undeserved reputation as a conservative art form.”

They are right @tate #fightinghistory.


With all the loud marching outside this was right on the button…

A film on the battle with trade unionists at orgreave (a video display I actually watched) showed a fight with a Conservative government.

“It was winner takes all.. We lost and they took it all.”

In fact it was all brilliant. I found myself actually reading all the labels.

And after the shootings in Charleston it was interesting to see Richard Hamilton’s ‘Kent State’

“Too terrible an incident in American history to submit to arty treatment… Yet it seemed right too that art could help to keep the shame in our minds.”

Some reviews have said this exhibition isn’t very good but it is.

They are wrong and I am right.


Martin xx 


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Oo it’s a retrospective.

I’m never going to remember all these people’s names.

Oo some of them are famous.

20 years @Zabludowicz_Col Collection.


Some of their words:

Hd video, steel viewing platform, monitor stand, paddling pool, cat litter, coloured cables

That’s just one piece.

Some of mine:

Cleopatra, rubber, Central Line, butterflies, Victoria Line, spam, Bakerloo Line, shag pile, buy my wife? legs, football, splats, is that Mick Jagger?


“Do you continue to talk even when you know no one is listening?”

All the time.


‘I kiss you.’


Please remove heels.


Martin xx


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Was going to blog about this earlier, but, you know… Been tired and stuff.


Bloomin stuff.


Sonia Delaunay @tate modern.

Some words: faces, expressions, colours, shapes, patterns, movements, dancers, conveyor belts, love.

I also learnt what a gouache was on Wikipedia as I went round.

No, I’m not going to tell.

Go tho. It’s probably the best art.

We liked it a lot.

5 Colin stars.


Martin xx 


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Can’t. Stop. Taking. Photos. Must. Look. Thru. Actual. Eyes.


New York City.


We couldn’t be bothered with Bjork.


There was a queue.


Some words: Van Gogh, neon, radios, stick men, Matisse, eyes, Picasso, cloudy eyes, primary colours, Klimt, Black and White, puddle, Klee, dots, not Bjork, wires, Man Ray, boats, feathers, violins, forever, now, Seurat, starry, starry, night…


“Do you wanna a selfie? Coz some people love a selfie… I dunno.”

“Two feet! Two feet! Get back two feet!”


“Do you know what that is…

…That’s people enjoying art.”


Martin x

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It is £13.50 with gift aid.


You have to put your bag in.


I liked it.


Adventures of the Black Square.

@thedogwhatblogs #twilightculture @the_whitechapel.


A black square etc.


“The supremacy of pure sensibility.”

“On which they appear to float.”


Some words: black square, orange square pink square, orange circle, black, white, cogito, ergo, sum, redact, tiles, carpet, megaphones, nice lady giving you your bag back at the end.

***** Colin Stars


Martin x


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Thank god for the Saatchi Gallery.
It decided to be open.
So I can get my culture.
It is pop art.
Is is from East and West.
It is good.
Some words: bunnies, Lenin, rudeness, toilets, Jesus, Mc Donald’s, shapes, Islam.
The holidays are over now.


Martin x


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Edward Steichen @tpgallery.

Some words: black, white, sepia, middle distance, profile, Garbo, Dietrich, brooding, shadows.


Step in out the cold while Xmas shopping for your beautiful girlfriend.


Martin x


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