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We here at thedogwhatblogs.com want to save a post for just this…

…Laughter Yoga.

What a beautiful idea…

Here’s the science bit…


Apparently the body cannot tell the difference between real laughter and fake laughter.

Laughter Yoga involves little mini bits of acting around laughing…

Ie do a mobile phone laugh, do a scared laugh, do a laugh in another language.

Im not really oversimplifying. Over a session (often in public) the laughter becomes real. Injecting a bit of silly, a bit of play, a bit of random into the awfulness of life can make it bearable at least for a bit.

Which we think is cool.




















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I was originally going to write this blog on something else…

But a thing has occured to me. If you sit in the barbican you can enjoy not only their free wifi but free quality concerts!

I know… Im a staffordshire bull terrier killing live music…. hey… sometimes I pay.

And to be honest this little dog and the boy @albiestar have been known to rest their eyes occasionally during @lso.



Well apart from that theres a great exhibition in the curve gallery which is greatly free. All sorts of crap some woman wouldnt throw out.

Like our flat.

Yes, I said crap.

Im edgy.


Obviously there was a @meetup along the way. Central London Humanists. Interesting. Dawkins etcetera.

Very big meetup tho. Not quite sure that works as well as the smaller ones.

That was criticism.

I am a critic.


Reading @timeout I was interested to find Dan Cox’s/Andy Holden’s #thinglytime had made it to @cubittgallery.

I saw it in Cambridge so i did.

Im well travelled…

It says here:

“Although the Thingly Time of the most viscious parts of the Chewy Cosmos seem to be embodied only in nature’s most Sublime creations, this need not necessarily be the case.”

Yeah, yeah… lots of books.

Too many.






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Listen up!

A Staffordshire bull terrier with an awareness of the visual and performing arts is speaking!

There are wonderful organisations and people all over fair London town.

Some arseholes too but we’ll ignore them.

Yes, I said arseholes. I’m normally so refined but its been a tricky week…

A tricky week alleviated by stumbling on this organisation which does all manner of interesting, creative and worthwhile things in east London…

Plus quality Meetups from London On Board and Crafty Afternoon at Oliver’s Cafe.

Furthermore… oh yes, there’s a furthermore.

See this film… It’s cool.

I spoil you, don’t I?

Get out go do!

Don’t hang around reading mildly amusing blogs.


Harley xx

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Another mini post as I can’t be arsed, am poorly and so have been dull…

[audience reaction: aaaahhh]

Good opportunity to mention @offthepage…

I’m a very versatile performer considering I have no thumbs and a permanent smile just when I’m hot…

So It’s nice reading different scripts ‘off the page’ …tv, film, theatre.

Another plug for @meetup as its on there.

They meet in soho and Ealing once a month to share writing with gentle constructive criticism in a friendly environment.

Also a nice place to meet other actors (unfortunately most are human) and writers.


Oo also a great exhibition on in the venue from @ianandlozz with lips and imaginary friends.




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Me and the boy @albiestar woke up and we felt a bit shitty lets be honest.

Hey its a blog post to the general public. Its an inappropriate forum.

But what cheers a person up more than watching some shite lower league football in the rain?


What about losing to Colchester?


Watching it with a friend. It helps.

Lets proceed to the Theatre.

I watched an intensely powerful play called ‘Miss Julie.’ About a charming yet overbearing interlectual husband and a sexy little wife.

Again, i watched it with nice people. It helps.

@meetup wonderfullness again.

You know, some truely beautiful acting moments happen all over London town all the time. And so many don’t get trumpeted.

So well done on this little blog @factiontheatre. You did great stuff @newdiorama.









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We’ve been up to all sorts. Me and the boy.

Happy, sad, highbrow, lowbrow, geeky, cool. We’ve met some nice people and some not very nice people.

Shall we write a blog post? Yes! I hear you cry…



First we had a guided tour of the theatre and performance galleries @v_and_a.

Now there is nothing we like more here @thedogwhatblogs that an informatively, wry tour guide.


There was one. Expressive hand gestures are also a plus.


We then trotted over to International Art Fair to top up on pretentiousness.

There were wooden dogs that cost 10o0s of pounds.

And to think I give myself away for free…

We want to recommend @meetup.

The first meetup we went to was one for @twespians.

I don’t know if you’re aware but my owner @albiestar chairs (sometimes) an amdram group who are very net savvy already, @woodhouseplays.

We learnt not a great deal but I suppose its called networking.

Though in this fair isle we should have decamped to the pub for this.

Which we did for the second meetup.

‘Debating Interesting World Issues’ tho this was conversely tricky in a noisy pub.

Im a spent force for now,

More later,



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It’s hard to decide which I preferred… Knitting or drawing that young lady without a stitch on…

Il leave that one hanging…

Anyway you might be wondering with my fair paws how I managed both of those things… Get aforementioned monkey @albiestar to it under your fair direction.

Any who… Knitting is cool in austerity Britain (little bit of politics there)… Make and mend.

Drawing naked ladies is cool because you get to pretend your not just staring.

Is it art or is it porn?

That’s a debate for another time and place.

This is a lighthearted, whimsical blog,




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global superstar

Today Colin and I went to a talk about blogging, via the london bloggers @meetup.

There were 4 speakers from @tiredoflondon (he was funny) @londonist @anniemole @domesticsluts. Hosted by @andybargey.

They seemed to confirm my move from blogger to wordpress was a smart one.

The former simply couldn’t contain my talents.

I probably shouldn’t nick peoples photos but some of my shine is bound to rub off on them, so can they really complain?

Here are my golden rules of blogging for pets…

1) Employ monkey with opposable thumbs to operate keys (@albiestar).

2) Be quite the man about town.

3) Have pertenant and pithy things to say about world events.

4) Don’t be a dog. That’s my thing.

5) Your wasting your time… you can’t compete.



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