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“I taste faint regret but know there’s no going back.”


Well I’ll be!

There’s a lot going on.

#jonrafman @zabludowicz_col

You can:

a) lie in a ball pit.

b) lie on a water bed.

c) sit in a cup board.

d) sit and watch films.

e) do a maze thing (if you’ve booked).

f) look at the art.

Some words: balls, art, computer games, nudity, gunk, bedrooms, crustaceans, ladies of ill repute, sculpture, hot, church.


>>Why are you here?

>>I came to retrace my steps.

I think it was about immersion in a virtual world or something.

I liked it.


Martin xx


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This is interesting.


Where will it all end?


Plus: Free before midday.


Martin xx

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The oil portraits conjured awe, the sketches fizzed and the landscapes packed punch.


Frank Auerbach @tate.


My daddy had been showing these in 2D to his kids in class and wishes they could see the 3D.

Because there is so much texture… So much body to them.


5 Colin Stars


Martin xx


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“The father, though not materially wealthy, regards the members of his family as his greatest possessions.”


The enormous contribution made by immigrants to art in the UK is explored beautifully in this retrospective of the Ben Uri Gallery.

It goes to show.

The pictures on display are all different but all full of feeling.

If you take a look at the strokes of the brush in the oil works…

You see the extraordinary.

“From Eastern Europe to the East End and back again I am very much a product of this country.” Alfred Wolmark.


Martin xx

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The capitals art scene quakes as this cultural Staffordshire Bull Terrier limbers up to deliver his verdict on #worldgoespop @tate.

Careers, reputations, assumptions and dreams could be shattered in a moment.


They say: “The World Goes Pop expands the notion of pop art into a far wider geographical context.”

We say: “When a stuffed female with a tv in her stomach tells you that it really is “the last time” you know you’re in proper trouble…”


Some words: fly swatter, lips, nailed, Vietnam, sauce, Romania, liberation, the American Dream, balls, violence, folky stuff, neon, mirrors and a broken heart.


Love Delia Cancela’s ‘Broken Heart.’
A passing mother: “Like a jigsaw.”
A passing child: “Put it together.”


5 Colin Stars


Martin xx 


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What’s this then?
An egg and a hoody.
Yeah, the clothing hoody.
Funny business.


Prem Sahib @icalondon.


And, lo! A detergent bottle in blue Perspex.
What can be the meaning of this?


I think there was an undercurrent.
Don’t ask.
It costs 1 pound.


Martin xx   


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“Memory exists only when it is recalled.”


#aliceanderson @explorewellcome.

“Everyday things that surround us, that will outlive us, that we often barely acknowledge.”

Everyday things mummified in copper wire.

Everyday memories preserved on social media.

Some words: copper, coppers, car, coke, guitar, canoe, glasses, iron, bike, speakers, TV, phone, laptop.


They say:

“With this exhibition Alice Anderson shows that even those objects that ‘speak’ to us because of their familiarity are fundamentally altered by our experience of time. Anderson’s invitation to create a social sculpture will enable visitors to discover both the unstable nature of memory and its profoundly creative potent.”

We say:

“Really, really good.”


Martin x


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“Why are you here, sir?”

“We’ve got a reservation for a table 5-7.”

“Eh, you’ve not come to, maybe, meet anyone? [nod/wink].”

“No for the bar. Can we come in, it’s raining?”


Blooming role play.


It’s nice to have a lovely backdrop to your revelries.

It’s set in a disused 1940s tube station/train and the drinks are war themed.

I think the came up with the names first.

‘Give Peas a Chance’ was however one of nicest tasting things ever.

You book a place which gives a nice calm happy vibe and the setting is 

very attractive which makes a nice setting for a lovely time with you very 

attractive other half.


Martin xx


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Iv had some left over chips and have been very over stimulated on transport today so I’m going to be lazy with my blog.

The Foundling Museum in London tells the story of the Foundling Hospital, Britain’s first home for abandoned children. The museum houses the nationally important Foundling Hospital Art Collection as well as the Gerald Coke Handel Collection, the world’s greatest privately amassed collection of Handel memorabilia

See that was just nicked from Wikipedia.

Also… Pictures tell 1000 words…

A photo blog ok?

3000 words there.


“One of London’s premier small museums.”

4 Colin Stars.

You can sit in leather chairs and listen to Handel for around 8 pounds.


Martin xx 



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Picture the scene: children on deckchairs in the city of london, chomping on sushi, gawping at adults pretending to be woodland creatures, playing banjos and accordions.

All for free.

Wind in The Willows #summerlive @broadgatelondon.

Some words: poop poop.

At its best when panto interactive.

“A right rollicking good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon in London.”

They can have that quote for a poster.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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