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I leave the low brow to the boy wonder… Harleyxx


In the league of entertainments.

I suppose thats pretty good.

£5 for two hours of mildly diverting relaxation and occasional passion.

Non-league football. Haringey Borough.

Well what does one do on ones saturday afternoons when ones team are away?

Divide your loyalties.

Cheaper than cinema and theatre.

More expensive than art and telly.

But you do feel homely and local and good.

Im trying to get my head round what league of football they’re in.

They were playing for a vase so it can’t be good can it?





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Me and the boy @albiestar woke up and we felt a bit shitty lets be honest.

Hey its a blog post to the general public. Its an inappropriate forum.

But what cheers a person up more than watching some shite lower league football in the rain?


What about losing to Colchester?


Watching it with a friend. It helps.

Lets proceed to the Theatre.

I watched an intensely powerful play called ‘Miss Julie.’ About a charming yet overbearing interlectual husband and a sexy little wife.

Again, i watched it with nice people. It helps.

@meetup wonderfullness again.

You know, some truely beautiful acting moments happen all over London town all the time. And so many don’t get trumpeted.

So well done on this little blog @factiontheatre. You did great stuff @newdiorama.









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