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Oo a lot to take in.

Pangaea II: New Art from Africa and Latin America.

The Revenge of New Art from Africa and Latin America.

I preferred the original.



Anyway a lot to take in.

Camil: Some words: Vases

Herrera: Some words: Splodges, colours, good

Imbache: Some words: Trees, delicate, very good.

Solomon: Some words: Alone.

Berliner: Some words: Nah.

Cervantes: Some words: “Why is it SO big??”

Kamuanga: Some words: Squares, hmm, new, old.

Adebe: Some words: Yes.

Kanbouhi: Some words: Nah.

Da Cunha: Some words: Hats, tires

Ospina: Some words: Tired, now, the Internet.

There was some other stuff with lines.


Martin xx


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There’s an optimal time for looking at art and if there’s lots of art you just look at each piece for a shorter amount of time.


There’s loads of stuff at the Saatchi.
At the moment it’s Africa and Latin America.
Some of it is good.
Some of it is rubbish.
You don’t really care coz it’s free.

Some words: nudity, ants, war, footballs, keyboards, kissing, dots, sacks and milk.


4 stars

Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly

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