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Sometimes one might think they are all around us.

Perhaps they are spoken by other people.

Perhaps you were once married to them…

I digress.

I am here to enthuse about a japanese chap called Masakatsu Kondo who is hung in All Visual Arts.

The boy wonder @albiestar told me to make a joke here around the word ‘hung’ but I will not, will not lower myself to his level…

Some words: boats, trees, colours, no cock, butterflies, big, mirrors, ruins, school text books, NO BOOBS, dreams, comics, birds, NO FANNY.

Anyway if u like mews-based escapism while thinking ‘hmmmmmmm’ then this is it.

Sorry im in danger of becoming flippant again… It’s really very good…

Let me cut and paste from the leaflet…

”Whenever I am silent’ is a meditation on the artifice of nature, exploring the space between the percieved and the real in a series of compelling landscapes.”


But I repeat… No fanny.





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