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Sometimes an exhibition ticks a lot of boxes for a person.

Duchamp @barbicancentre. Muddy from dogs.

Heres pretension…

Whats interesting about this particular one is that its all really about the interconnectivety of duchamp and these people he influenced and how thy kind of fed off each other.

And played chess.

Some words: boxes, wheels, urinals, nude (descending a staircase), sub cubist boobs etc, pianos, chess, musical boxes, there, not there,



An absence that makes things more complete.


Harley xx



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This little staffy always feels a great deal of pressure after a major @tate restrospective to write pertinent words of insight.

Is it not enough to say we enjoyed it?


We had a nice time looking at the pictures/sculptures.

Oh im sorry, ten pounds.

But thats alright sometimes,


Harley xx



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Found ourself at a loose end in south kensington.

The foreign libraries were shut. Its like a petit france round there.

That means: “little france.”

Your welcome.


Theres still a lot to blog about there tho.

We are going to blog about 2 things…


Sneaking in to the natural history via the boring rocks section we sashayed towards the dinosaurs.

Perched over the main hall is 'Treasures' where they get to haul out some unthemed #oldshit… Greatest hits if you will… And put it all together.

It was reasonably reasonable #oldshit… Stuffed bird, fossils, painting of a man with a beard… U kno the score.

Their usp was some cool glass natural history statues made by some german chaps who died without letting anyone know how they did it.


Like jesus.

What a segway,

Now the mormans make their church look like an art gallery and the boy wonders eyes glittered.

A nice american lady told him all about how jesus came back in america and showed him her husbands organ.

As if to dazzle.



Ps One quirky religion and two quirky germans were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Like an evenings hospital radio……………


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You can go on private views.
If you send em a ‘like’ or an email…
Heres the ticket… there is often free wine and pretty girls…


Harley xx

IMG 3315

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Now time outs gone a bit rubbish your going to need and want me.

We went to the tate to see the turner prize entries.

We left our new card at home but they still let us in cos some people are nice arent they?

Paul Noble: some words: blobby, pencil, some words, big, houses, cool


Luke Fowler: little photos and a grim film about grim glasgow. Ho hum

Oo there were bean bags for sitting…

Elizabeth Price: some words: choir, choppy, the shaaaangriiii laaaaaas, diagrams

Spartacus Chetwynd: #inaword puppets.

That is all you need to know.


Harley xx



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London 2012 is so passe. The cool kids are already thinking about Rio 2016.

Theyve gone and done an exhibition.

Theyve gone and done it at somerset house.

And theyve gone and done it v well.

Some fab art and shit.

No boobs but where there were boobs and much more besides was in the unlikely setting of the National Gallery. Metamorphosis.

And not just the creamy goddess boobs of the Titian masterpieces…

Oh no, son.

There is caged woman.

Inspired by the creamy boobed goddesses.

Shes in a box and u get to peep.

Or stare (see @albiestar).

I eventually dragged him (hey… Hes had a rough time…) to see the pretty colours of Chris Ofili's trinidadian tributes.

Hey… Aliteration.

Hey… Trinidad is everywhere.

Theyve gone and done it in Kilburn. Tricycle Theatre.

Some fab spoken word and shit. “Attitudinal Metamorphosis” #apparently.

Its all free.

We like free.

It was not short.

But we hotfooted it halfway to squeeze in 'offender' at cineworld wood green.

The film, not the lifestyle choice.

'Visceral' would be a good word.

Lets have visceral then.

5 Colin Stars.








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Let me say this to you by means of an opening hypothesis (mummy did science):

“Sometimes you dont want an iwhatever.. Sometimes you want a piece of paper.”

Here is one such instance.

South London Art Map control the first friday in the month and have branded it according.

We r detecting a trend for branding days and times.

Like all the olympics business is mildly disturbing.

God that was politics.

I do culture.

So we hit the galleries of london's glittering Peckham with an eventual hard copy.

Its lovely having them open late (he lies in… Dont start me) and lovely having a map but we a tiny bit feel its quite a dashing about 2 hours.

Tho if wed thought about it a bit more.

We need to be more succinct.

Lewisham Art Space: yeah, abstract.

Peckham Space: yeah, multisensory.

South London Gallery and Southwark Old Town Hall: yeah, now this we really liked. Big. Normally we like small/short but for art we like big/grand. A whole white room full of trophies. This is 5 star eye candy. Oh! The themes!!

The town hall… Remember when we went to Hornsey Town Hall for the jewish thing?

Of course you do. Well this was all like that. Films in council chambers maximises the coolness.





fingers crossed for richmond tommorrow


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Saville Row.

Stylish Staffy about town.

Two galleries.

7min from Oxford Circus.

1) Hauser and Wirth. Gallermo Kuitca.
We thought “Oo they look like maps.”
And lo and behold in the little leaflet it says they’re from maps.
Maps are great art.
Yes, yes, yes the tube map.
Some words: tubey, mountainy, no cock, vast, ducks, no fanny, dissolving into abstraction, no boobs.

Hop over the road…

this is 5 minute art…

If you were going to writing after or something you could fit it in…

2) Ordovas. Calder.
some words: mobiles, no boobs, playful, no cock, shadows, no fanny, jingle jangle, primary colours.

25 min and you are back on the tube all imaged up with a place to go…

Il let you know how crap he was in the quiz.

Its a league… you know… I told you.



and god we loved her


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Heres another little something.

UCL has little fantastic museums.

We are collecting the set.

See! We dont just glibly go on about modern art and being sad and penniless.

We glibly go on about museums and being sad and penniless.

Oo thats a good link.

At the UCL Art Gallery there was a cabinet on our favourite George Orwell.

Down and Out in Paris and London.

It had old books. Like a British Library exhibition but shorter and freer.

We think thats always better.

It had some other interesting cabinets and a display all about londontown from contemporary artists.

Fascinating skyscrapers based on the three little pigs.

There is also a japaneseish garden for sunning. We like japan and sun and peace.






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When is a museum not a museum?

When its a cabinet.

Twinings Tea Museum is an unholy exaggeration.

We thought… We like tea… We like museums…

Shame on you.


The Royal Institute is good if you follow some crazy americans round.

Its passable.

Dont make a special trip.

If combining with the tea museum combine with something else as well…

U just aint sweet enough already.





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