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“Why are you here, sir?”

“We’ve got a reservation for a table 5-7.”

“Eh, you’ve not come to, maybe, meet anyone? [nod/wink].”

“No for the bar. Can we come in, it’s raining?”


Blooming role play.


It’s nice to have a lovely backdrop to your revelries.

It’s set in a disused 1940s tube station/train and the drinks are war themed.

I think the came up with the names first.

‘Give Peas a Chance’ was however one of nicest tasting things ever.

You book a place which gives a nice calm happy vibe and the setting is 

very attractive which makes a nice setting for a lovely time with you very 

attractive other half.


Martin xx


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Don’t be worrying because tomorrow it will already be Tuesday.


Sometimes its nice to stop blogging and doing stuff for blogging and have a beer.


Hmmm. Maybe.

Have you got four pounds?

If you have…

Sometimes its nice to sit and watch butterflies. Then have a beer.

You can say about it when having your beer.

When your there you can say things like “oo its on my arm” or “oo its on my head.”

What better way to spend half an hour?

Well, ok, but butterflies are cool.


Harley xx

Yey flutterbys

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The Stone Space: There’s a sim card. In perspex. It contains text and photos from an old relationship.

5 Stars. Its on a plinth.

Maureen Paley: There’s pinboards. In Bethnal Green. They contain text about architecture.

3 Stars. Its tucked away.

The British Museum: There’s old shit. In cabinets. They contain bones, pots and in a special free exhibition stuff relating to drinking.

3 Stars. Mainly pots.

A lot of pots.

I think iv said b4.


Harley xx






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