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I was just thinking to myself: “History painting has a reputation as a conservative art form.”

Then I’m told: “History painting has an undeserved reputation as a conservative art form.”

They are right @tate #fightinghistory.


With all the loud marching outside this was right on the button…

A film on the battle with trade unionists at orgreave (a video display I actually watched) showed a fight with a Conservative government.

“It was winner takes all.. We lost and they took it all.”

In fact it was all brilliant. I found myself actually reading all the labels.

And after the shootings in Charleston it was interesting to see Richard Hamilton’s ‘Kent State’

“Too terrible an incident in American history to submit to arty treatment… Yet it seemed right too that art could help to keep the shame in our minds.”

Some reviews have said this exhibition isn’t very good but it is.

They are wrong and I am right.


Martin xx 


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