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We are playing host to worlds greatest sporting event.

I am not amused.

'Stick' has failed to be included.


Its always a cultural olympiad @thedogwhatblogs.

Here is a new place for us.

The Camden Arts Centre.

It is not in Camden.

But it is an arts centre.

Very well done. Very well done Camden Arts Centre on ur v cool surreal Bruce Lacey exhibition.

Thats from the heart.

Some words: flying dolls, no cock, sausage machine, no fanny, robots, no boobs, the occult, ….a cuddly toy! (yey!)…

There was also a reading room.

Weve theorised on them before.

Some bean bags.

And some funny films.

Now the boy wonder @albiestar wants to go back because u can record your boring stories for something called 'it ok to be boring.'

It isnt.

I combine brevity with insight and wit.


You dont need to thank me.





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