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What is better?


Of a yuletide, bank holiday morn…

Than a jaunt to the river bank to watch the ducks.

“Nothing!” I here you cry…


Well… il tell you something better shouty people… to do it in the dry.

It was like we were in the river.

Il tell you something worse…

Being one of the people in the river

In the river were 100s of rubber ducks.

Who then had to be retrieved by some brave chaps.

Distinctly british fun.

Our duck was not a winner but we like to think he was one of the brave pioneers who made a bid for freedom, the sea and ireland…

We like to think.



A picture tells a 1000 words…



A video 2000…


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Ps no i didnt dirty my paws… I sent the boy to do it. What do u think i am…


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Art again.

This time off to our personal little calm nirvana. Nothing shattered here.

Bank holiday blues busting @

Tate Britain.

As well as the cafe and shop we wanted to see….

Patrick Keiller thing.

It took a while for us to realise what its all about.

Its about his almost random meanderings around England, the films he took and artists responses to them.

Ok well we like #randommeanderings here @thedogwhatblogs.

The whole thing was very interest tickling anyway. The range of artists gave us plenty of things to wikipedia and blog (http://goetherocks.blogspot.com… Turning into a book dontcha know…)

And the diversity of it all made our eyes very happy.

Which is good.

And its free.

Which is good.


The boy wonder @albiestar had an expresso. Cos he’s not wired enough…

Quality eavesdropping in the members room too.

Tate members are our favourite group of people for this.

Audioboo overload.


When in Rome…

We toddled round the Picasso again. 15 minutes: we had it licked.

What struck us this time… (are u ready for art insight…) is the strength of the link between Henry Moore and Picasso.

We like blobs @thedogwhatblogs.

And u thought Staffordshire Bull Terriers were mean and unsophisticated…




PS this jubilee lark eh? Im a cavalier whilst albiestar is a roundhead… But we both think it is “Literally the biggest load of hyperbole in the world… Ever!!” TM


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