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Don’t be worrying because tomorrow it will already be Tuesday.


Sometimes its nice to stop blogging and doing stuff for blogging and have a beer.


Hmmm. Maybe.

Have you got four pounds?

If you have…

Sometimes its nice to sit and watch butterflies. Then have a beer.

You can say about it when having your beer.

When your there you can say things like “oo its on my arm” or “oo its on my head.”

What better way to spend half an hour?

Well, ok, but butterflies are cool.


Harley xx

Yey flutterbys

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What is better?


Of a yuletide, bank holiday morn…

Than a jaunt to the river bank to watch the ducks.

“Nothing!” I here you cry…


Well… il tell you something better shouty people… to do it in the dry.

It was like we were in the river.

Il tell you something worse…

Being one of the people in the river

In the river were 100s of rubber ducks.

Who then had to be retrieved by some brave chaps.

Distinctly british fun.

Our duck was not a winner but we like to think he was one of the brave pioneers who made a bid for freedom, the sea and ireland…

We like to think.



A picture tells a 1000 words…



A video 2000…


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Ps no i didnt dirty my paws… I sent the boy to do it. What do u think i am…


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