Im going to let @albiestar do this review, its more his cup of tea, but if he does a cock pun let me know…

Or if he uses the phrase “brutally honest” i will also need to restrain him…

On a lead.




Brutally honest is the phrase that springs to mind when reviewing ‘Wasted’ at the Camden Roundhouse.

It was theatre, it was rap, it was poetry it was multimedia it was on the button in a crushingly hilariously depressing way.

Some seriously massive laugh lines definately there…

“adjectives instead of names”

“swallowed a planetarium”

And “smells of custard creams” gave me some biggesteverlaughs which was helpful in a play that was too honest for words.

We like to bang on here about “short is good” too.

Concisely, economically, pointedly powerfull… Unlike that sentence.

As @thedogwhatblogs would say: Some words: drunk, teacher, life, hilltop, lights, brazen, hilarious, freedom, responsibilities, dreams, being crap, relationships oh and…

“breathtakingly honest”

Bung that on a poster.


Dont call us colin, dont call us…




Ps we really really really liked how they came on at acted surprised to see the audience. Sweet.


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