The capitals art scene quakes as this cultural Staffordshire Bull Terrier limbers up to deliver his verdict on #worldgoespop @tate.

Careers, reputations, assumptions and dreams could be shattered in a moment.


They say: “The World Goes Pop expands the notion of pop art into a far wider geographical context.”

We say: “When a stuffed female with a tv in her stomach tells you that it really is “the last time” you know you’re in proper trouble…”


Some words: fly swatter, lips, nailed, Vietnam, sauce, Romania, liberation, the American Dream, balls, violence, folky stuff, neon, mirrors and a broken heart.


Love Delia Cancela’s ‘Broken Heart.’
A passing mother: “Like a jigsaw.”
A passing child: “Put it together.”


5 Colin Stars


Martin xx 


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