Another day when my owner was being all kinds of weird and sick so I took myself of to some little corners of the capital on my own…
With oyster in paw (interesting phrase) I first traipsed to glamourous Leytonstone on advice from his lordship @albiestar (“I’m always in sodding Leytonstone”).
Theres a little gallery there. Its called The Stone Space and its on the ground floor of the library building.
Now this little staffy* likes things that are short and cool and free… their current exhibition features mixed media about humogenise… I can’t spell that word… I’m a dog.
About things looking the same.
So if you ever find yourself in Leytonstone with 5 minutes to spare… get back on the train… no seriously theres an arts scene… there is! I shall provide links at the bottom.
All of east london is festooned with art.
Too much.
Recently your humble narrator has been subscribing to a philosophy called ‘The Artists Way’ (linkage below) by Julia which is a good excuse for pouncing around all these galleries.
Its all about releasing the inner artist (now my problem is sometimes keeping it in) and treating yourself to cultural experiences… I said “Im already there Julia… have you seen my blog?”
So after the meet up for this in the cafe at St Martins in the Crypt I fell upon an exhibition of collage stuff which was all very interesting. Bits of which are illegally spliced on my instagram. Im a devil.
Oo this is getting long… on the tube I’m bored.
Anyway it was by Leslie Bennett whose “recent work involves cutting circles out of graph paper…”

Modern art eh?



*’little stuffy’ is spell checked first as ‘little stuffy’ then ‘little stiffy’



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