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To digress for a moment.


While 80000 eyes are watching you.


Every Thursday I would pray for rain.

And when it didn’t.

I would do nothing for two hours.

It was an education.



17 years later.

The lights. The sound. The fireworks.

I sang. 


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Quality evening. @thepcclondon. @singalonga #rockyhorror.

We’d have liked to have been drunk at the start and drunker at the intermission and drunkest at the end.

But it was still awesome sober.

Cos its a great film.

And things are better with people.

So sing a long a rocky horror… Its been a singa longa weekend for the two boys…

Anyway theres a warm up with routines, a goody bag of props and a fancy dress competition.

Then its… Er the film… With sing a long captions, calling out (much like any film @cineworld wood green…) and its dance a long too.

Which makes a 5 colin stars film a 6 colin stars film.

7 stars if drunker.




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Today’s post is to be called tranquil because me and the boy @albiestar have been trying to calm down from the stresses of illness, wives, london and lonely.

The first thing we did was predictably go to an art gallery. This was a new 1. It was in Bow. Its was surreal. Wunderkammer. Cabinets. Wierd shit. The boy wants to do a rival blog on them. He wont… He doesnt stick with things.

Anyway, the exhibition was v cool and big in ideas in a kinda ‘what is art’ way. Students from Wimbledon Art School. It was new and old and quirky and traditional and encompassed, er, everything.

People liked a projection of someone with writing paper on an actual table.


Combine with free choral evensong therapy in st pauls. We dont do god on this blog but we do do great singing and we do do amazing buildings.

Look im plugging Christianity.

Wrapped up with poetry jam open mike @theteabox in Richmond.

Wondrous. Lovely. Nice.


Harley xx



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Just a quickie about choirs…

Choirs are very cool at the moment but being quite the debonair man about Haringey I go to the coolest…

New Tottenham Singers… @singtottenham.

Of all the things this wee staffy does (a lot) there is perhaps no greater chill shall we say than launching into song.

A wide range of songs, interesting arrangements, cool venue.

And most important of all NICE PEOPLE.

Singing people are.

Cos theyre chilled.

New Tottenham Singers



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