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Picture the scene: children on deckchairs in the city of london, chomping on sushi, gawping at adults pretending to be woodland creatures, playing banjos and accordions.

All for free.

Wind in The Willows #summerlive @broadgatelondon.

Some words: poop poop.

At its best when panto interactive.

“A right rollicking good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon in London.”

They can have that quote for a poster.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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I think it’s doing a thing about class divides and a controlling state…

No not Britain since the election silly!



I did a political gag.


Wonderland? The one what Alice went to.

Mummy and Daddy and Paul and Sarah all played the role of the lowlifes but some of their number got to eat tarts.

Swings and roundabouts.


What was it like?

I’m going to use the word sumptuous to describe the sets.

And now I’m going to use some other words: worm, rabbit, hatter, eat me, drink me, walrus, carpenter, can’t take photos, queen of hearts.

You didn’t really have to listen to what they were actually saying except when they said “what is life if not a dream?” which is, like, true.

Oh I haven’t actually said it was interactive theatre.

Oh well. 

Having pizza now.




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Women rolling around in cricket jumpers is the sexiest thing in the world

Who'd have thought?

When we were little we went to the ballet.

We recall once or twice there was boobs.

There wasnt here but it was v hot.

Matthew Bourne 'Play Without Words.'

We've not really dealt with dance here. We will do again.

You can go to the theatre with people via meetup or via just having friends.

We find we always impress people if we say something is 'hypnotic.'

Someone said we should review…

Little do you know pet, little do you know.

5 colin stars he says.




Play without words


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We are going to pass judgement on the one we liked.

We have been in plays and been criticised (rarely, true, we’re awesome) but we think people should be nice or be quiet so we will.

We liked the first of the double bill tonight @kdctheatre @etceteratheatre: ‘Conference Call.’

It was… We think… About memories and love.

Isn’t everything?

Anyway it was presented in a stylish stylised way with three doctors representing facets of the main mans mind.

We think.

It had a beauty.

Sometimes they worked together… Literally in there words and movement. Sometimes in opposition.

Big ideas on thinking and living beautifully and intriguely presented.

Oo that sounds like a proper review.

We like short.

We like big ideas.

Remember kids… This blog is a guide to life itself.




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Im going to let @albiestar do this review, its more his cup of tea, but if he does a cock pun let me know…

Or if he uses the phrase “brutally honest” i will also need to restrain him…

On a lead.




Brutally honest is the phrase that springs to mind when reviewing ‘Wasted’ at the Camden Roundhouse.

It was theatre, it was rap, it was poetry it was multimedia it was on the button in a crushingly hilariously depressing way.

Some seriously massive laugh lines definately there…

“adjectives instead of names”

“swallowed a planetarium”

And “smells of custard creams” gave me some biggesteverlaughs which was helpful in a play that was too honest for words.

We like to bang on here about “short is good” too.

Concisely, economically, pointedly powerfull… Unlike that sentence.

As @thedogwhatblogs would say: Some words: drunk, teacher, life, hilltop, lights, brazen, hilarious, freedom, responsibilities, dreams, being crap, relationships oh and…

“breathtakingly honest”

Bung that on a poster.


Dont call us colin, dont call us…




Ps we really really really liked how they came on at acted surprised to see the audience. Sweet.


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Last night Colin and I watched Alan Ayckbourn’s latest ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ at the very cool Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn.

It was very good.

It had him from Game On in. Playing another Martin. He was v martinny.

Great characters, great acting, on the topical button script… ¬†slightly muddied by an overly absurdist ending (ten foot bronze knomes anyone?).

I give it 4 Harley stars. You’ll laugh a lot and mutter ‘scarilly realistic’ maybe twice so that makes a good evening in anyones books.


Harley xx



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