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Hello there.

Today i am telling you about bookcrossing.

Remember when I told you about free book shops and you couldnt control your excitement?

Well its like that only about 25% more thrilling.

Mildly tediously you register finished books on tinternet and then “set them free” as if they were wild animals or children. This means a) leaving them somewhere b) giving them to someone c) bringing them to a meetup.

Our old friend again.

You also then register the ones u acquire.

Im not really selling it.

Bookswapping really but following their journey.

Im going off the idea describing it.

Its cool. Honest.




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Today I shall be blogging about Literature.

Literature what is free.

On Tuesday afternoons, hard to believe I know, I help out in a free bookshop in Shepherd’s Bush.

I know what your thinking. Two things am I right?

1) How can you be so selfless, Harley, giving your time so freely? We know what a busy culture vulture you are!

2) That… and… what are you talking about you silly little dog free books?

Well a charity called @Healthy_planet run a bookshop where books are donated both by individuals and organisations like charity shops and passed on free.

That’s it. Oh a lovely little staffy might stamp it for you or if you’re unlikely my loopy owner, @albiestar.

Here is a picture and a link,

You’re welcome,


Harley xx