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This is a family friendly blog so various words will need to be redacted in my review of an exhibition at the Welcome Collection.

At one point a man encourages you to get into a metal box to get your orgones going whatever that means….


Some words: *******, *******, Kate Bush, *********, strain guages, *******, an alsatian, groans, moans, wails, cries, ***********, the nazis, wind chimes, ***************, ************, urinal spray, Margaret Thatcher and ***.


Martin x


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A little app, a lot of london.


Today Instagram reminded me of the Horniman Museum.

It was doing a fetey thing where there were all the feathers and fancy of carnival.

But 1st I had to go to the beautiful aquarium which I love.

It’s only small but it has…

Some words…

Starfish, poisonous frogs, butterflies (I know… Cheating), four eyed fish, seahorses, jellyfish, crabs and anemones.



Martin x


That’s my friend Smila

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Hypothesis: noone likes sprouts and everyone likes coke. Discuss.


Pile it on. Pile on the schmultz. Come on pile it on.

Actually a seriously quality museum affordably priced.

They can have that quote. In return for free coke.

@worldofcoke #atlanta #georgia.

You see its like a tennerish and theres a good three hours interesting stuff.

Then you can be tired and feel like youve done something and go to a more scary than expected mc donalds.

4D cinemas are cool. The fourth d is a gentle spray and a wobbly seat.

Whats q incredible is a big room where u get to try 50 odd coke products from around the world.

Glory be.

So thats ten pounds, free coke, redefining the dimensional laws of physics and a feeling of 'cool.'


Now wheres my coke, Coke?

Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly


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“She speaks!

O, speak again, bright angel! for thou art

As glorious to this night, being o'er my head

As is a winged messenger of heaven

Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes

Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him

When he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds

And sails upon the bosom of the air.”


Yeah, right mate. Whatever.

15 pounds is a reasonable sum of money but u can go to two shakespeare-based old houses in Stratford Upon Avon and be accosted by some performing ladies.




Martin x



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Found ourself at a loose end in south kensington.

The foreign libraries were shut. Its like a petit france round there.

That means: “little france.”

Your welcome.


Theres still a lot to blog about there tho.

We are going to blog about 2 things…


Sneaking in to the natural history via the boring rocks section we sashayed towards the dinosaurs.

Perched over the main hall is 'Treasures' where they get to haul out some unthemed #oldshit… Greatest hits if you will… And put it all together.

It was reasonably reasonable #oldshit… Stuffed bird, fossils, painting of a man with a beard… U kno the score.

Their usp was some cool glass natural history statues made by some german chaps who died without letting anyone know how they did it.


Like jesus.

What a segway,

Now the mormans make their church look like an art gallery and the boy wonders eyes glittered.

A nice american lady told him all about how jesus came back in america and showed him her husbands organ.

As if to dazzle.



Ps One quirky religion and two quirky germans were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Like an evenings hospital radio……………


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Squeezed in some Gaia medititative ring chanting. One Tree Hill.

The view of London.


Did u always have to pay for the aquarium?


The Horniman Museum is good.

They have A LOT of old things from Africa.

And a Walrus the is anatomically incorrect.

Their current exhibition is 'The Body Adorned.'

What makes it v good (tho they have shoehorned in A LOT of old things from Africa…) is that its basically an exhibition of all the different people in London talking about their look and their lives.



Harley xx




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The Stone Space: There’s a sim card. In perspex. It contains text and photos from an old relationship.

5 Stars. Its on a plinth.

Maureen Paley: There’s pinboards. In Bethnal Green. They contain text about architecture.

3 Stars. Its tucked away.

The British Museum: There’s old shit. In cabinets. They contain bones, pots and in a special free exhibition stuff relating to drinking.

3 Stars. Mainly pots.

A lot of pots.

I think iv said b4.


Harley xx



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How to summarise a lost weekend of spoken word, sadness and nick clegg…


Like this

A) guildhall lates are lovely lates. Get ideas from meetup and float round antisocially on your own. Theres an amphitheatre dontcha know.

B) tv recording of 'the agenda' good, free and theres no need to be lonely with the internet. Find other lonely people to do stuff with.

Im a dog of few words.

Like Ezra Pound with worms.

Look it up.

Theres no excuse to be uncultured with the internet.






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Heres another thing…

You know how we like free museums @thedogwhatblogs…

Well here is one…

They conveniently forget the 70s and 80s…




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