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#humanrightshumanwrongs @tpgallery


I was thinking the only country missing was the UK.


Then Northern Ireland was featured.



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You can make up stories for them, put yourself in their shoes, empathise, understand, appreciate the joy of photography in the capturing the spectrum of human emotion.

Plus it’s only three pounds,

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait stuff @npggallery


Martin x


PS you can always go in St Martins In The Fields and they have free rehearsals and things for concerts if you’re lucky. Especially if you’re a jammy teacher with abundant holidays.

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Art is good.

Music is good.

So, get this, @strandgallery.

You can have both.

Suede. The Wild Ones.

There blurry type photos.

But they do, like he says, capture the intrinsic abandon.

Pop in.

10 minutes will do you then you can go some where else.


Martin x


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Edward Steichen @tpgallery.

Some words: black, white, sepia, middle distance, profile, Garbo, Dietrich, brooding, shadows.


Step in out the cold while Xmas shopping for your beautiful girlfriend.


Martin x


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Reminiscing and talking about history @waterstones cafe.


“The great challenge of looking back… Without being frozen in the process.”

Trying to reach the point where “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Conflict, time and photography @tate modern.


Martin x


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Spent the weekend chiefly indulging our own, non cultural, private pleasures but managed to squeeze in the photographer’s gallery.
Claire Aho.
That’s different.
The great thing about the photographer’s gallery apart from its freeness is its oxfordstreetness.
Nip in for a cultural pitstop whilst indulging your own capitalist pleasures.
Like buying shoes.
Warm your cold monetary heart.


Harley xx


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I guess we should do a blog as we did something.

We went to man ray at the national portrait gallery.

It was 12 pounds and of moderate size and full of black and white portrait photos of 20th century oddballs.

Now we like this…


Harley xx


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Being there.

This is the joy of art over tv… radio…

Film at the cinema sits in the middle.

Especially @cineworld wood green…

Its interactive… with calling out…

And multi sensory…

With coke showers.

So whether the installation its Hirstian butterflies in the Tate Modern.

Or curiously phallic/orificy stone sculptures  (hey we’re sooo over exposed to arty cocks and fannies thats we’re stained with the freudian) …you get to drift around and say you went.

Sometimes you can drift around v quickly.

We eat up gallery clusters.

Today at eastcastle street (ox circus).

Nice COLOUR photos (and the obligatory moody monochrome)…

It was the young people wot done em.

We also read the surrealists drifted around looking for found objects…

This does not mean… @albiestar… drifting around looking for cash points and finding eighties camp comedians in the buff…

Over exposed indeed…




best/cheapest life drawing we’ve found. nice teacher.

we like cheap… we like nice.

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Humorous incident on overground from Highbury:

Punter 001: Is this train for Crystal Palace?
Punter 002: No, you want the other platform mate.

[punter 001 dismounts]
(albiepanick for albiestar… he thinks… “Oh”)
Announcement: This is a london overground service to Crystal Palace.
Punter 002 and your hero @albiestar: [grin then laugh]
Your hero @albiestar: I wasnt confident enough to correct you!

No you cant have an @audioboo… you’ll take my word for it.


We like things you came ‘nip in and out of’ almost as much as we like things that are free here @thedogwhatblogs.

Not by great forethought, design or destiny we found ourself again this week in london’s glittering ‘Shoreditch.’
There is a place called box park.
It is lots of shops in boxes.
It sells things that are coolio and nice and then you go “how much. No that’s too expensive.”

“The advent of the camera phone… has shifted photography back to the centre of pop culture.”

And allows him to take many pictures of me from various beguiling angles.
I have a very prominent willy.

Anyway, there is an exhibition of camera phone pix and accompanying it some poetry and noisy music.

Im more a Radio 3 man but when in Rome.

We say: Coolio.

“The city clings to you like a bad cologne.”

Amen, brother.




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The Photographer’s Gallery has reopened.

We went.

We like that its down a little alley off Oxford Street.

I like the smell of galleries. Boxfresh.

We like free.

They have an exhibition called oil.

By a man called Edward Burtynsky.

Behold a series of nice big pix about not nice oil and its life cycle.

Some words: striking, black, repetition (we like repetition), Azerbaijan, tires, cans, aeroplanes, no cock, no fanny, death, carcasses, awe, pipes, lines, disaster, ohhhh america, scale, vast, devastating horror, pollution, scum.

Eat your heart out time out.

What we liked more than all those words though was another exhibition from a collective called Raq’s Media Collective.

Indian folk.

a) a photo that faded in and out with a moving element. Fun for 5 minutes.

b) We LOVVVVVVED this… ’37 Planes of Emotion.’

Cue @thedogwhatblogs #underselling/#youhavetobethere…

Rectangles of perspex with coloured edges and collection nouns.

“A whimsical comment on the image.”

I guess you’ll have to go…



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